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about 5'6" and heavy set. the latest victim was an 18- year-old girl, she was slashed in the buttox with a box knife type weapon yesterday. there have been two other slashings at the fairoaks mall. one took place at the marshals last month and one at the h and m store. >> it is scary thinking -- >> i wouldn't have expected it. we have each other to watch our backs. >> i'm delia in rockville. it's the county executive and chief get their way. teenagers will no longer be able to hang out here at the town center past 11:00 p.m. on weekdays, midnight on weekends. >> it doesn't seem right. >> it's important for them to understand that youth curfew doesn't achieve what they are trying to achieve and infridges on what i'm able to do. >> tom manger says the current curfews in neighboring prince
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georges county and d.c. make montgomery county a hot spot for teens with trouble to follow. >> it happens all the time and we have incidents in gaithersburg and in bethesda. all over the county. >> police point to a 6% rise in teen arrests and say for the 1300 known gang members living in the county, the curfew will be a deter rant. >> this is bruce johnson in the district. dc mayor vincent gray weighed in on the probe saying it is premature to call for the councilman's resignation. >> aught to play out. >> councilman joined his colleagues in saying that harry thomas should voluntarily step down from the d.c. council. >> the attorney general made a very serious charge that mr. thomas used over $300,000 meant for youth programs and spent it on himself. >> councilman thomas remained unavailable for comment today,
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but 9news learned he met last night privately with key supporters and said he plans to continue serving on the dc council. he told the gathering he could not discuss his $300,000 settlement or any parts of his case now under review by federal prosecutors. >> well, just one week ago now before the u.s. will begin to default on its loans unless a deal is made tonight the -- that one would raise the debt limit by a trillion dollars, but it would require another vote on the same issue next year. speaker boehner's plan is not a compromise. it was written for the tea party, not the american people. democratics will not vote for it. democratics will vote vote for it. >> we are going to have to get back together and get a solution here. we cannot get a perfect solution from my point of view controlling only the house of representatives. so i'm prepared to accept
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something less than perfect because perfect is not achieveable. >> now is a time to compromise. it's for democrats to give, for republicans to give, to reach a solution that is not ideal for everyone, except for the country. >> congressional offices were flooded for e-mails. americans were just doing what president obama asked them to do last night when he said the public aught to weigh in with congress and push lawmakers to make a deal. peggy fox spent the day on capitol hill and what she found was a lot of folks were simply fed up. >> nothing? >> nothing. >> nothing but a blank screen came up for congressman frank wolf's website today. his and other member sites crashed when hordes of people tried to send in their comments. phone lines were also over loaded. >> it's going both ways. a lot are concerned and want to compromise on the debt deal. some are asking for mr. wolf and republicans to stand strong. >> there were also face to
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face meetings with children who have severe medical issues. >> i was diagnosed when i was 2 with cerebral palsy. >> four-year-old maron has a disease that left her veerly disabled, although she has made great strides. >> we are here to show the importance of medicaid funding. what it meant for us and what it means for people who truly need the support because it's their primary insurance plan. >> they were able to make their case with senator jim webb. >> we are doing everything we can to preserve the entitlements that deserve to be preserved. it's a very scary environment. >> senator webb is trying to protect people who depend on medicaid and medicare. but he is not siding with the president when it comes to asking the wealthy to pay more in taxes. either does dwayne from illinois who visited the
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capital today. >> get it done and quit spending money you don't have. >> on capitol hill, peggy fox, 9news now. >> and some members of congress are setting priorities if a deal is not reached on the debt ceiling in time. first its interest on our debt and not plunge our economy into chaos. second, social security payments because millions of senior citizens, including my parents depend on the social security payments that they earned by virtue of their own prior contributions to the system and finally, the payroll for active duty military personnel because the men and women who are risking their lives for us should not have to worry about whether their families will receive their income in a timely fashion >> that measure has 31 cosponsors and hearing house speaker john boehner is rewriting his bill on the debt ceiling. his office will only confirm the speaker is looking at options tonight. that report follows a
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congressional budget office report that his bill did not cut as much as boehner had wanted. >> the u.s. postal service is considering closing down nearly 3700 post offices all across the country next year. that breaks down to 19 in d.c., 42 in maryland. and 95 in virginia. in maryland, that also includes two in silver spring, one in laurel, and one in suitland. over in virginia, one in leesburg, one in winchester. one over at dulles. one at fort meyer, also under consideration. >> these locations themselves are not in convenient locations. they have limited parking or access and are not on major roads or cross streets. >> keep in mind, the u.s. postal service lost more than $8 billion last year. it does expect to make a final decision in the next 4 to 6 months and you can see all the specifics at let's check out the evening rush hour. monica has your time saver
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traffic. good evening, monica. >> given the yellow light because we have one hot spot. let's go to virginia. on the outer loop of the beltway, just past i-66, there's been an accident for a while blocking the right side of the roadway. authorities are on the scene, so expect delays. let's take you to the beltway north side of town, looking much different here. between 270 and i-95. slows between the beltway and route 198. if you are planning to take public transportation, let's go there. metro, and mark all on time this evening. derek, back to you. >> thank you monica. if you are out on the road trying to get home today, you may have been tempted to roll down the windows. that's how different it felt out there. let's check in with topper shutt out on the weather center, or weather terrace and comfortable for once. >> it really is comfortable. it was 95 today, derek, but the humidity was in check and that's a big key around here. let's look at it happens right now. down to 91 at national.
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88 in andrews and around 90 gaithersburg, manassas, and leesburg. you want to go outside and have dinner, very comfortable humidity wise. in fact, we'll factor in the humidity and temperatures don't go up much. they almost stay the same. goes up to 92 downtown and stays at 92 in manassas. a pretty nice evening and a great evening for baseball and the googoo dolls. lots going on. clear and comfortable. maybe a passing shower around midnight with a cold front. lows 64 to 74. we'll come back. we'll talk about how long the humidity can stay in check and yes, there's dangerous heat lurking in our future. we'll tell you when it's going to roll in. >> those legal documents read like a spy thriller. still to come on 9news now, the case of money, intrigue, and influence right here in d.c. first, you heard of pay to play, but what about pay to move? we'll tell you about what that means up next.
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how would you like to live in downtown detroit? okay, would it change your mind if i offered you $20,000? that's what first time home buyers get if they take part in a program, renters can receive $2500 their first year, another thousand the second. so far, five businesses are
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taking part in the incentive program. so what do you think about that sort of thing? will it convince you to relocate? taxing people that work in the city, but live in maryland or virginia. would that have you thinking about a move? no charge to weigh in with mcginty's mail bag. a virginia residents who need help paying mortgages have until tomorrow. all you have to do is contact the national community reinvestment coalition and speak with a counselor there. 1-800-475-rcnc and all that information is at your fingertips on still ahead, topper is back and a look at when that humidity will make a reappearance and the thermometer is going to spike as well. should kids be banned from dog parks? make that law of the land. we'll tell you how it went down up next. ♪ [ rock ]
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back now with an update on arlington county dog park. boys and beagles and greyhounds mixing and mingling out there. county officials had been considering a ban, no kids under age 8 at the park. but after taking in a whole lot of feedback, the county decided it was better to promote safety rules, which are already in place. new signs will urge parents to keep a close watch on their kids as well as their canines. and we have breaking news for
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you out of prince georges county. a former police officer for the town now in custody indicted on charges of attempted murder and sexual assault. his name, gene. he is 27 years old and prosecutors say he was off duty earlier this month when he shot and wounded a man in capital heights. gilette portrayed the man as a carjacking suspect. he tried to force himself on to the victim sexually. the victim resisted and led to gunfire. a federal courtroom this afternoon, so a judge could decide whether or not to keep him locked up. 62-year-old of fairfax is charged with failing to register as a foreign agent. but federal prosecutors believe he has been on the payroll of pakistan's spy agency for years. as andrea mckaren reports, allegedly participanted in secret lobbying effort.
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>> if you are going to have an outfit in the state that you want to influence political matters, you put it in washington, d.c. >> in the case of sied, the alleged money trail leads to an unusual source. >> it appears that the money that is being used here, at least according to the allegation is coming directly from a pakistani intelligence service. >> as the head of the american council in d.c., he made several campaign contributions to democratic and republican members of the house. including virginia congressman, jim moran. he also sent checks to then presidential candidates to barack obama and al gore. >> oddly enough, the men's hair care product allegedly played a role in the secret payments to fi. the affidavit revealed a conversation in which he says he received all but 75- milligrams of bril cream. apparent code for $75,000. another time, he asked for two
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or three pieces of bril cream. believed to signify $20 to $30,000. >> espionage, we would use that as an open code. it is used by all sorts of people who hope to conceal what they are doing. >> federal agents believe he received as much as $700,000 a year from pakistan. he now faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. andrea mckaren, 9news now. his hearing just wrapped up an hour ago and the judge ordered him to be release under several conditions. he'll be under home detention and travel limited. buy local. it's part of a campaign to urge people to shop at farm stands across the state. >> there are lower transportation costs for getting locally grown food to market. and when you are buying from local farmers, those are your
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neighbors. people who are doing business here in our own community. so that money stays in the community. >> and locally grown food is also better for you because it is fresher. the longer amount of time between something is picked and when you eat it, it deteriorated. so the sooner you can eat it, the better it is for you. >> i used to sell two bushels of grapes. >> did you pick those? >> yes, i did. >> this was great picking weather today. >> it was. it was hot, but wasn't humid. we are in good shape tonight. good shape tomorrow, and then you know what happens on thursday and friday. it's back to the old usual pattern. let's start with temperatures. low 90s pretty much everywhere. 88, exception down to the south. but generally 91 in manassas. 88 at andrews. for the most part, around 90. we factor in the humidity. temperatures don't change much. it's not that humid out and that's a good thing.
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when we perspire, that's what cools us and we have low humidity. when you get high humidity, we can't cool ourselves off very well. 92 is our high temperature. not much change. we'll talk about 90-degree days june through august. metrological summer, we average 31 days. since june 1, we had 29. we average 14 for the month of july. we had 19 and the record is 55 set back in 1988. now i don't think we're going to threaten that, but we are going to end july with 90- degree days in the first four days in august. we will see. more information on this, go to our website, and check out my blog. satellite picture radar combined, we'll keep a chance of a shower in through midnight. a break in humidity will continue. comfortable and breezy late. sunny morning commute tomorrow. heating up tomorrow, but not humid.
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and then dangerous heat returns by friday. for tonight then, look for clear skies, comfortable, becoming breezy, maybe a passing shower late. temperatures 64 to 74. winds northwest 10 to 15. if you are going to see the nats play tonight, it will stay dry. in fact, a nice night for baseball. 73 downtown. 67 in rockville. 67 in fairfax. now tomorrow morning, it will be warm by lunchtime, but not humid. 70s and 80s, and by afternoon, mostly sunny and hot, but still not humid. grab your sunglasses around 90. next seven days. it stays hot, no doubt about that. low 90s on thursday. upper 90s on friday. the record high is 99 on friday and that's where we're going. isolated storms. better chance of storms on sunday and monday that. will bring temperatures into the low 90s and we spike back into the mid 90s next tuesday. >> we got close, but then it cooled off. >> 52 we made it. >> we can only hope that it
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cools off again. we'll be back. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address, 9news now will be right back.
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don't forget 9news now is here for you every weekday morning. we have the news, traffic, and weather you need before you
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head out the door. in the mail bag tonight, water on the metro. the wusa9 facebook page is flooded with the decision to relax the rules and allow folks to drink water on the trains for the duration of that heat wave we had recently. yesterday, we asked, was that the right thing to do? renee said do you really need an answer to this? it is necessary. the humidity alone is bad. i should know. got sick on one a couple months ago. it was too hotted in the car we were in and i had to get off and use a garbage can. thankfully there was still one more train to get to my destination. and gary butcher puts it this way, it is a no brainer. allowed or not, i have a water on the metro, especially in the trains. and shia bodien says rules? what rules? i have ate and drank on the metro so i don't see the problem. i know a lot of people that do the same. metro needs to worry about the
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ac and stop worrying about what people are drinking. not everybody is on board. danielle lewis says it's a slipely slope. there are many individuals too mature to have a privilege. it will go from drinking water to bringing in alcohol and other liquid to harm people. look how routey the younger patrons are without allowing water bottles? >> but the ship has already sailed. the ban doesn't mean beans to the riders. turn around and look at all the trash that was left behind. countless times, i had empty soda bottles rolling down past me or stepping on sunflower seeds or chicken bones. don't get me started on the broken escalators. walking a mile up the stairs and no water? dream on. mcginty's mail bag is no dream at all. it's mail bag at along with anita brikman.
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we are working on the frustrations surrounding that debt ceiling debate. spreading like wild fife and the virginia video summing it all up. that's tonight at 11:00. don't forget, you can log on any time to have a great evening. we'll see you later. bye bye.
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this is "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. amy winehouse, the emotional funeral today. ♪ >> her friend kelly osbourne's beehive tribute, her parent, plus the latest on the investigation, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy. what drugs could the autopsy probe find? and piers morgan's blame at the music industry. >> who was looking after her? where are the people from the record company? >> denise richards candid about why she left charlie. >> i loved him so much. >> plus, what really happened the night he trashed his plaza hotel room. >> in tonight's celebrity gps. sandra bullock's ex and kat von d split. in l.a. plus, inside arnold's

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